The other day I went by a new chocolate shop in town to test it out. Of course, every truffle was ridiculously over-priced but I felt that it was my duty to get two anyways. I feel like to get a good sense of a place like that you need to have eaten at least two different things from there. Maybe I just wanted two truffles though, who knows. Well, everything was beautiful as it always is in upscale chocolate shops, so I had my work cut out for me. They had chocolate covered bacon which was calling my name, but I already knew that would be delicious so I decided for something else: potato chip truffles. The other thing I chose was a cookies and cream truffle, which is boring, but I had a craving for white chocolate. I love the mix of salty and sweet so I was intrigued by the potato chip truffle and it met all my expectations, dee-lish. I was on my way to the grocery store at the time so I picked up a bag of potato chips so that I could make my own. My only issue with these is that you expect the potato chips to stay crispy and that just doesn't happen when they're soaked in chocolate. Overall, these were good but I prefer regular truffles.

Potato Chip Truffles
Truffle base recipe adapted from Karen Barkers: Sweet Stuff
2 cups cream
16 ounces semi sweet chocolate, chopped into small piece
4 cups wavy salted potato chips, broken into pieces
12 ounces dark chocolate
Kosher salt for dusting

Preparation for ganache:
1. Heat the cream in a heavy-bottomed medium-sized saucepan until it is just under a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and add the semi sweet chocolate. Replace the pan over very low heat and continue to  2. Allow mixture to cool in fridge for 3 hours-or until mixture reaches a thickened consistency that can be shaped.
3. Stir in potato chips with spatula
4. Shape mixture into mounds and place on parchment lined cookie sheet in fridge for 30 minutes.
5. Melt dark chocolate over double broiler until mixture reaches a smooth, even consistency and all chocolate pieces are melted.
6. With a spoon, dip truffles in melted dark chocolate and place back on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with salt and place in refrigerator until hardened.


Tasha said... @ July 1, 2011 at 2:56 PM

Awesome lady! I made these a few weeks ago. Just moved to the east coast and finally have internet again so I wanted to thank you for the recipe!

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