Buying chocolate covered strawberries is almost always a waste of money. Making them, on the other hand, is great. They look beautiful in the displays and it's tempting to buy them, but trust me, anyone could make them. I used to make trays and trays just because I liked doing it. As weird as that is, it shows that paying $5 each isn't quite worth it. With Valentine's Day coming up, make an impression and make some youself! I went to Costco and bought a huge box for really cheap, they're not as pretty as they are in season but they still work. I did these in between classes but if you spend a little longer I promise they'll turn out great.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
1 container strawberries
1 12 oz bag chocolate (semi-sweet or dark)
2 cups white chocolate

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Wash all strawberries before using but before dipping make sure they are completely dry. If they have any water on them the chocolate won't stick when you dip. Melt the chocolate. It's best to melt over a double boiler so you don't risk burning it but if you keep a close eye on it the microwave works. If the chocolate burns, throw it out. Once the chocolate is smooth and melted, hold the strawberries at the top and dip one at a time. Sometimes it helps to have a spoon or spatula to make sure you have it even all around. Place strawberries on parchment paper leaving 1-2 inches between. Once finished, melt the white chocolate. The easiest way to do the next step is with a drizzling bottle which can be found at AC Moore but I usually use a simple ziploc bag. Put the melted white chocolate into the bag and cut the tip off the bottom corner of the bag. In a horizontal back and forth motion drizzle over each strawberry. Once finished, place the strawberries in the fridge for at least an hour, or until hardened. Enjoy!



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